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    1. What is the Pub Crawl Marseille ?

    Is the best wat yo enjoy Marseille nightlife ! Pub Crawl is a worldwide concept which just arrived in the city. Meet new people while crawling around the best bars in Marseille following your guide. Your best night ever will take place with us 🙂

    2. Why to join the Marseille Pub Crawl instead of doing it on my own (best bars in Marseille) ?

    Joining the Pub Crawl Marseille means you’ll be joining an organised tour which has been conceived for you to spend the best night getting into the best bars in Marseille ! You’ll have a guide at your disposal who will make sure you’ll have a blust and you’ll make the most out of your night out.

    3. Are there special measures concerning COVID-19 ?

    Yes ! You MUST have a VALID sanitary pass in case the bars we are getting into ask for it.

    4. Which bars will we visit ?

    Once again, the best bars around the Old Port of Marseille. We prefere not to name a specific bar because, depending on the night they might change. However, be sure that we have chosen all the bars we work with because we want you to have lots of fun during our Pub Crawl Marseille.

    5. Where can I meet the Marseille pub crawl group ?

    Meet us at the Vertigo Bar, Restaurant & Hostel – 75 rue Sainte, 13007, Marseille. The guide will be there with a Pub Crawl t-shirt and a funny hat !

    6. What’s included ?

    4 bars, FREE shots in every bar, drinking games, pub crawl guide, great groups, guaranteed fun night out !

    7. Where will the night end ?

    We cannot tell you exactly where the tour will end because it might change depending on the night but we’ll end up, for sure, on (or near) the Old Port of Marseille in a bar/club where you’ll be able to dance all night long !